Our involvement in CORPORATE LAW mainly includes:

  • Advice in creating companies: writing up customized articles of incorporation, and if applicable, the bylaws
  • Legal, taxation, and accounting matters dealing with the creation and operation of commercial companies: limited-liability companies or SARL, SNC, SA (with managing board and oversight board or with administrative board and CEO), SAS, European Companies or EC, SCS or SCA, liberal companies (SELARL, SELAS, SELAFA), joint ventures, cooperatives, etc.
  • Creating and legal secretary services for non-trading companies: real estate management companies (SCI), real estate investment companies (SCPI), attribution companies, building and sale companies, joint-ownership companies, portfolio companies, professional partnerships (SCP), management companies, inter-professional outpatient healthcare companies, farming syndicates and companies (GAEC/GFA), forestry syndicates, pasture syndicates, farming operations companies (SCEA), forestry savings companies, EARL and GFR;
  • Implementing miscellaneous operations during the life of the corporation:
    • Increase or decrease of capital
    • Transformation of the company into another form (for example, a SARL transforming into a SAS)
    • Creating company groupings: parent companies, holding and subsidiary companies, joint ventures and controlled companies
    • Mergers, splits, and partial asset contributions
  • Securities trading: separation of property, transfer of shares or stock, issuance, purchase, or conversion of preferred shares, investment certificates, priority shares, priority dividend shares with no voting rights, share certificates, liabilities, securities giving access to capital or giving rights of assignment of credit certificates
  • Management of conflicts with suppliers or customers of the company: out-of-court settlement options should be explored in priority, and only as a last resort should legal proceedings be undertaken, if applicable
  • Management of conflicts with employees of the company: see Labor Law

Note that for everyday dealings of legal matters in companies, a subscription contract can be put into play by our firm after examining the particular needs of your company: preparing orders of business for assemblies, assistance at assemblies, writing up minutes, required legal publications, monitoring legal matters, assistance in preparing for dismissals (writing up letters calling for meetings, writing up letters of notification of dismissal, assistance before the employee claims court, etc.).