Insurance law covers the following domains :

1. Land-based Insurance

  • Advice in taking the best-suited insurance policy or policies, especially civil liability insurance relating to :
    • Company operations
    • Provision of goods
    • Liability insurance for company managers
  • Goods transporter insurance
  • Carried goods insurance
  • Insurance for transported persons/passengers
  • Insurance for computer risks
  • Legal protection insurance
  • Builders’ liability insurance
  • Construction damage insurance taken out by contractors
  • Personal insurance: insurable risk diversity, life insurance, bodily harm and sickness insurance, death and disability insurance
  • Disputes arising from insurance policies taken out on the internet
  • Litigation relating to implementing insurance policies: prescription, reasons for non-coverage claimed by insurance companies, etc.
  • Legal expertise affecting insurance companies

2. Maritime Insurance

  • Sea-based events
  • Ship owner liability
  • Liability for the maritime carriage of goods
  • Liability for the maritime carriage of passengers
  • Litigation pertaining to maritime insurance policies
  • Ship insurance
  • Exceptional risk insurance
  • Maritime liability insurance
    • Coverage of mutual protection and indemnity (P&I) clubs
    • Coverage of French insurers
    • Direct action of third-party entitlement