INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW is one of our firm’s areas of expertise. In particular, we operate in the following fields :

  • Company creation in France and legal support for foreign clients
  • Negotiating and writing up contracts for the international sale of merchandise, especially in the domain of wine
  • International Carriage Law : see section Transport Law
  • Insurance Law, especially merchandise (freight) insurance and maritime insurance
  • Payment conditions and payment guarantees specific to international commerce: documentary credit, autonomous guarantees, standby letters of credit, etc.
  • Out-of-court settlement of disputes arising from the execution of non-execution of international commercial contracts: attempts at settlement, then arbitration procedures (if the parties agree) or legal proceedings, ADR (alternative dispute resolution)
  • Private International Law: conflicting laws, international commercial arbitration, exequatur procedures of sentence arbitration, etc.
  • Forced execution of decisions of French courts (exequatur arbitration or legal decisions) abroad: international means of execution, for example, carrying out a seizure-sales procedure on a building located in Morocco or Switzerland, etc., or conversely, carrying out foreign legal decisions or arbitrations in French territory.