Our firm will advise you in your project to create, buy, or transfer ownership of your company. We offer our clients detailed and documented consultations on legal and taxation issues they may encounter either personally or professionally.

We support our clients in negotiating contracts and can write up the corresponding deeds to order.

We can also update or rewrite GCS and GCU (including GDPD) for corporate clients and can guide them through legal business issues.


Our firm believes strongly in out-of-court settlements, which is usually the preferred solution for each party. That way, rather than committing to legal proceedings which may take 5 or 10 years, it is usually more reasonable to try to seek a settlement that both parties will agree upon and to formalize it to writing in an agreement protocol written by our attorneys. This basic step in seeking an amicable solution will be the priority for all parties involved and will be carried out by an attorney. All communication between these law professionals shall remain strictly confidential and cannot be used later in a legal proceeding.

Mr. Cedric BERNAT has also been a certified Ombudsman since December 2019. Since an Ombudsman must be neutral, independent, and impartial, Mr. BERNAT’s services in this capacity may only be solicited by those for whom he has never served as Attorney, and with whom he holds no relations whatsoever. In this case, parties that have not been able to reach an agreement can in theory resort to Mediation services, and upon the discretion of Mr. BERNAT as a certified Ombudsman, before contacting him.

Note that a settlement or Mediation may take place at any time, even during a legal trial.


Only as a last resort, if no agreement can be reached with the other party, our firm will carry out its classic legal mission of defending your rights and interests: whether you take the initiative or are being sued.

Note that we also carry out this mission of defense before arbitrating jurisdictions (commercial litigation arbitration or international commercial arbitration).